Remember the collection you had a crush on a few years ago? This is it now, all grown up and more mature than ever. 

With Love Hurts 2 we’re touching our legacy by evolving our approach and focusing on the important things. Fabrics, fits and colors! It’s not F*** Love anymore, it’s going out on a date in a fresh fit and having fun. 

State the obvious with that tee or spread subtle hints with that jacket or feel like Cam’ron rocking that pink. Whatever you do, spread the love <3 

Alongside our signature jersey pieces, with slight updates, over our statement t-shirts and baby tees, you’ll also find a minimalistic College Jacket and a light Spring Jacket featuring a custom quilted heart pattern. For the bottom half of the body, we have adjustable nylon trousers, as well as a waxed denim with our best fit yet.